Youth Empowerment Programme

The Tarayana Foundation provides professional development opportunities for post-graduates under its young professionals programme. This programme enables them to gain field experience and improve their prospects in the job market. The Foundation encourages youth to take up innovative community-based actions which will enhance the youth’s skills as well as promote civic engagement in the communities they live and work in.

Through its Tarayana School Clubs, the Foundation promotes the spirit of volunteerism in youths. Currently, there are 131 school clubs with 5260 members across Bhutan at all levels of educational institutions ranging from primary schools to colleges of education. The activities of the clubs are based on the needs in their communities; hospital visits for patients with family support, support for a senior citizen couple with house renovation, helping a single mother with paddy harvesting, etc. 

The Foundation is also engaging with many rural youth in creating livelihood options through establishing small enterprises, supporting skills development and market facilitation. Some of the activities are Food processing, mushroom cultivation, vegetable production, Daphne paper production, clay pottery, hydroponic, cane and bamboo crafts production, and wood turning.

Tarayana's impact extends beyond infrastructure to include socio-educational initiatives. The foundation has established 40 Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) centres, creating a foundation for children's education and well-being. 

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