Training on Reviving Dying Water Sources and Spring shed Management

A week-long training on “Reviving Dying Water Sources and Springshed Management” was conducted from 5th to 13th November, 2021 at Tarayana Conference Hall in Thimphu.


The training is intended to build the capacity of the Tarayana’s Programme and Field Officers who will carry forward the ICIMOD’s approach, the six-step protocol for reviving springs in the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH). This will enable participants to sustainably manage dying springs and to implement the climate adaptation action for reviving dying springs and lakes in the rural communities.


The training consisted of theoretical and hands-on practical sessions to create geological maps using field geological data, creating 3D conceptual layouts of springs using CorelDRAW software, and identifying recharge areas on Google Earth.


A day-long visit was conducted at Lholing sites in Paro which was piloted by the Watershed Management Division in 2018. The additional field-based data were collected to understand the science of hydrogeology that governs the occurrence and movement of water in the mountainous aquifers.


The data collected during the field visit were used for practical training sessions.

The training was attended by ten Field Officers & three Programme Officers from Tarayana Foundation, and one Master’s student from the College of Natural Resources. It was facilitated by Mr. Jambay, Springshed Expert and Lecturer from the College of Natural Resources, Royal University of Bhutan.


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