Secured Water, Secured Future

Yangzom Doya is 30 years old and a mother to two girls with the elder one in grade two and the younger one in Early Childhood Care Development (ECCD). Before the intervention of the project, Yangzom was mainly engaged in raising her children and doing household chores while her husband went on to look for work outside the village.

When asked how she expects the project to benefit her small family, she expressed, “Almost everyone in the village had very little knowledge on what or how to do agricultural activities. We were only confined to following traditional food habits and resorted to buying vegetables.” She added that despite all the issues in their village, at this point of the season, they had nothing to do and would spend their time along the river banks in leisure. But now her husband also feels encouraged to have an opportunity to stay within the village and hopes to carry out agricultural work on a larger scale.

Yangzom also said, “The supply of water tanks and pipes has been overly special for us as there was very little water for us to work with. We can now store water
and I see the potential for us to have sufficient harvest for self-consumption as well as for sale too. We are also looking forward to learning new ways to cook and prepare the vegetables that we will grow as some vegetables are new to us and our diet.” Now the couple is not only determined to work hard but also sees a lot of opportunities that will cater to improving the living standards of the family. Our Field Officer has stated that this is one of the many stories of accomplishment and that all households are geared toward achieving the same goals. It is already understood that there has been a positive impact brought upon the community through the intervention of the project.

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