Youth –led Initiatives (Small Grant)

Posted on: August 4th, 2016

Funded by: UNICEF

 Fund: Nu.977,200

 This small grants project aims to provide leadership opportunities to youth in rural and urban Bhutan. The main purpose of this grant is to encourage youth to take up innovative community- based actions which will enhance the  individual youth  skills as well as promote civic engagement in the communities that  they live and work in.

A total of thirteen projects have been approved for this, five projects for Tarayana School clubs and eight for dropout youths.

The following grants were provided to the respective schools:

  • Lhuentse HSS- Indigenous Arts(learning the traditional skills of pot making and generating income for the club activities)
  • Gangzur- Skill development training
  • Ney- Waste Management
  • Yadi HSS- Waste Management
  • Rangjung HSS- Freelance-Information and share centre
  • Yangchenphu- Graffiti
  • Lumbay- Care Giving for a special needs individual and Rai Tradition documentation
  • Rukha- Olep language documentation
  • Lotokuchu- Waste Management


For 2016 three projects have been approved and are fully operational, they are:

  • Adoption of Olarong stream by Zhenphen Social Service Committee , Royal Institute of Management(RIM)
  • Vegetable farming- Youth of Sertena, Haa
  • Traditional paper production- youth of Yokha, Haa, this group has started marketing their products and has also attended the Haa Summer Festival.