Yarra Ranges Enterprise Agreement

Posted on: April 16th, 2021

All staff will have the opportunity to vote on the final agreement, whether or not you have appointed a representative. If you wish to appoint someone, including yourself, as an independent representative of the negotiations, send the name, title and contact information of your designated independent negotiator in writing, with your signature and the date EnterpriseAgreement@easternhealth.org.au, so that we can ensure that the named person is involved in the negotiation meetings. You can name yourself if you wish. You don`t need to appoint a representative if you don`t want to. If you are a highly organized, self-motivated and excellent team player who enjoys working with a variety of stakeholders, this role suits you well! Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020 (PDF, 6.33 MB) The Commission is asking you to subsidize small rate increases by accepting small wage increases. They could opt for cuts in other areas – but they won`t. “The ASU has just submitted a report of application. It contains the requirement for an increase of 3% per year for the next three years. .. This demand for wages is a sensitive issue for management. The Yarra Ranges Council has committed to reaching the maximum amount of the amount each year.

The Council considers this to be an important commitment to our Community to keep interest rate rises at a more reasonable level. A Labour government should not implement a policy that increases job insecurity, reduced wages and the quality of permanent jobs. The ASU calls on all members to join us and intensify our campaign against the State Government to change its current policy of limiting interest rates. The enterprise agreement sets out the rights, remuneration and conditions of employment of workers. Read and download a full copy of the Yarra Ranges Shire Council Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 12MB) Inspiro exists to inspire a healthier life. We do this by improving the health and well-being of all residents of the Yarra Ranges community through responsive, inexpensive, accessible and quality health care. The benefits of cooperation with us are as follows: Under the Fair Labour Act, Eastern Health is required to communicate to all workers covered by the new agreement a communication that sets out their rights of representation in negotiations. This message was emailed to you and can also be found on Workplace or on your local desktop panel. . In accordance with the Yarra Ranges Shire Council 2019 enterprise agreement, workers affected by the proposed amendment are entitled to consultation and their positions by the EU. All Yarra Ranges employees are covered by the Yarra Ranges Shire Council Enterprise Agreement. In a fast environment, our HR team supports the organization in all aspects of the employment lifecycle. From talent management, performance management, industrial relations, engagement and retention and everything that happens in between, this position works on a wide range of tasks and would live up to an HR generalist with a friendly and values-oriented approach.

The proposal outlines changes to divisions resulting from last year`s business changes, including the transition from temporary and interim staff agreements to a two-year structure, in line with company changes. Your email address will not be published. Mandatory fields are marked – The Business Negotiation Committee met again on Wednesday, November 28. Scroll down to see our current job opportunities. If you have any questions throughout the process, you will be asked to contact them by contacting the email address EnterpriseAgreement@easternhealth.org.au.