Wadah Global Gathering

Posted on: April 3rd, 2015

WADAThe Second Wadah Global Gathering (WGG) took place in Yogkarta, Indonesia from the 15th -20th of March, 2015. The gathering was attended by Ms.Sonam Pem (Program Director) and the Tarayana School Club members, Kinley Zangmo and Tshering Tenzin Dorji selected from Kharsadrupchu Middle Secondary School and Yangchen Tshogyal and Ngawang Rabsel Wangchuk from Yangchenphug High School.  Youth from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, India, the Philippines and Indonesia participated in various activities and field visits organized for the pre-event camp.

The participants from Tarayana Foundation, Wadah Foundation, Indonesia; and Raise a Village, Philippines; were called “Dreamers from Afar”. The other groups were: “Abandoned No More”, “Jewels of the Bustling Cities” and “Victors Through and Through”.

The main event was held on 19-20th March, where the different groups participated in panel discussion based on the theme “Education: Building Blocks of a Better Future’’. CNN Heroes Puspa Basnet, Nepal and Efren Penaflorida, the Philippines also participated as moderators of the sessions along with our very own Sonam Pem. The audiences comprising of donors, friends and supporters of Wadah Foundation came from 17 different countries around the globe.

(Almost all the participants came from very disadvantaged background. Some were victims of war, atrocities, trafficking while others were street children; there were also two physically challenged participants. But the common factor among all was their talent and bravery; they were the champions in having survived what they went through. Another thing that bonded all of them was the sense of giving back to the society at a very young age, they may not have anything, literally, but they still mobilized resources to help those in need like them.

This gathering gave them a sense of hope and made them feel that they were not alone in this fight; they found a larger family who instantly became their support system.

The participants from Bhutan were the most fortunate ones, as they never experienced any such traumas and discrimination. However, this was an eye opener for them as they learned the difficulties their friends from other countries faced. They also heard stories of how difficult it is to get education in these countries; this made them realize how grateful they should be to our government for providing education free of cost. They also felt that they should be happy with what they have and who they are, as there are others who don’t even dare to dream a life like ours.

WADAH Foundation is a Jakarta-based foundation established “from women, by women, for all,” grew out of a need to help mothers in need of help to create a better future for their families and their communities. Wadah supports Indonesian communities at the grassroots level. Even as it championed heroes and individuals, their activities in poverty and illiteracy reduction, and in access to livelihood opportunities, were community-based. Assistance extended to initiatives to sustain and/or revive endangered traditional arts is likewise community-based.)

Ibu Anie Hashim Djojohadikusumo is the founder of Wadah Foundation.