The Social Inclusion Training

Posted on: February 2nd, 2015

The-Social-Inclusion-TrainingThe six-month long training for trainers (TOT) on Social Inclusion was successfully completed on 31st January, 2015. Our Programme officer Ms. Wangmo got the opportunity to work with three different Social Welfare Services institutes of Bussi-en helping people with severe mental retardation & physical challenges. The training started with site visits & orientation programmes of all Bussi-En sites, followed by a three-day lecture session on disable welfare, gentle teaching, mental retardation & epilepsy. The practical attachment programme opportunity to work in different fields proved to be very effective.  Ms.Wangmo was assigned to multi tasking of cleaning, laundry and management of overall office of the Bussi-En social services and meanwhile learnt of their systematic and enriching ways. She observed and participated actively in helping their old-age day care center and  group home;  day care center and home stay for child & people with disability; employment support programme for people with disability; restaurants and shops run by elderly people;  animal care center; agriculture plot run by people with disability and Onsen ( Hot spring ). Tasks such as night duties and nursing for the Senior citizens at the Group home, pick & drop support, supporting activities of daily living for people with special needs & senior citizen , employment support , coordinating outdoor trips for the physically and mentally challenged clients & senior Citizens to different places was also an enriching experience for Ms.wangmo.


She also observed that all the Bussi –En institutes are managed in such a way so as to empower and nurture the people with disabilities based on their partial abilities, respecting and understanding their problems and giving them a full right to live a comfortable life. The program also focuses more on socialization amongst the mainstream communities and the old age people and people with disabilities. In addition to breaking the isolation by building strong relationship among the communities, elderly people and people with disabilities of various kinds. The centers are also managed with the objectives of community & region vitalizations and preservation of tradition and culture.

Having realized a much needed high level of work passion and selfless attitude in providing activities of daily life (ADL) service as a caregiver, Ms Wangmo found herself in a whole new level of caring and nursing the clients who were aged and the rest who suffered severe physical or mental challenges. Through the hard working , formal, punctual and polite workers at Bussi -En with a systematic training and teaching method, she learnt that people with the worst of the disabilities could attain a much better way of living! Apart from her training, she also had a very good opportunity to experience and learn the Japanese tradition & culture.

The team at Bussi -En will be sharing the six months experience & will be conducting a day long training for the staffs of the partnering NGOs. The team will also be working on a suitable manual guide book for the caregivers of people with special needs & elderly people in Bhutan.