Tarayana’s Self Help Group

Posted on: December 25th, 2015

Tarayana encourages rural communities by assisting initiatives to implement holistic community developmental activities like facilitating the formation of Self Help Groups (SGHs) and supporting the promotion and marketing of their products. Tarayana also initiates in the introduction and adaption of green technologies to improve the lives of rural communities and enhance their livelihood. The 82 SHGs have undertaken income-generating activities such as farming and crafts for the sustainability of the groups as well as for capacity building purpose. The Foundation emphasizes on empowering the community members to be active, creative, and productive agents of their own change.

The SHG formed in February 2015 comprising of twenty participants including one male participant from Tsento Gewog, Paro were trained on souvenir production from dry/needle felting and in candle making by Ms. Ute Meuser from Germany, who has been working in Ladakh, India, on similar the trade. Needle felting is a popular fiber arts craft that creates felt without the use of water with yak/sheep wool. This training will help the community members generate income by utilizing the new acquired skills using the locally available raw materials (yak/sheep wool). They are carrying out different income generating activities like candle making, dry felted toys and pottery. This group started using solar dryers to dehydrate vegetables and fruits for self consumption as well as for the market. For this on the 17th & 18th July, they received assistance from the solar dryer fabrication unit of Dagana. The Women SHG from Paro were trained by Ap Changlu (a group member of the solar dryer fabrication unit) on the management and usage of the dryer. This initiative is a part of the UN Women funded project “support to women with income generating activities” and it enables exchange of skills, knowledge and technologies among the different SHGs.