Tarayana Foundation and USHA International Ltd. will be collaborating in empowering village level women by building up women’s sewing skills.

Posted on: November 24th, 2014

USHAUSHA International Ltd., well known in Bhutan for its sewing machines & capacity to implement social welfare projects, will be supporting Tarayana Foundation in setting up of the “Tarayana-USHA Sewing Centers” in Bhutan.

Towards this effort, the first activity of “Training of Master Trainers” will be carried out in the Tarayana Center from the 24th November till the 4th of December. Master trainers from USHA will teach 20 of our selected leaders from Trongsa, Mongar and Pema Gatshel on advanced sewing techniques for product diversification and fine finishing. These women will thereafter not only provide sewing services in their villages but also train other women after setting up their sewing centers, as an income generating activity. USHA International Ltd will provide all the machines and materials required, while Tarayana Foundation will provide logistic support and coordination during the course of the training period.

Based on the success of the training, USHA International Ltd. will also help equip & setup Production Centers in Tarayana Foundation’s target communities.