Sustainable Rural Biomass Energy (SRBE) Eco Stoves

Posted on: August 4th, 2016

Total Fund: Nu. 2.3 Mn

Duration: Apr– Dec 2016

Funded by: UNDP

Executing Agency: Department of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Site: Sarpang

Tarayana was identified as one of the local implementing partners for the Sustainable Rural Biomass Energy (SRBE) Project  in Sarpang. A Contract Agreement between Alternate Energy Division of Renewable Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MoEA) and the Foundation was signed for the installation and implementation of Energy Efficient Fuel wood (EEF) Stoves in Sarpang Dzongkhag. Through this project, a total of 818 stoves, both cooking and feeders stoves has been installed in the targeted communities. Through this project 70 villagers especially the unemployed youth has been trained as ‘Stove Technicians’.

 The success of this project has led to the second phase where the Department of Renewable Energy (DRE) has requested the Foundation to take up another 1000 stoves. The sites were identified in the Rural Economic Advancement Program (REAP) areas, where awareness and training are currently being organized.