Tarayana School Club

12. Tarayana School Clubs

As of June 2016, there are 98 clubs across the country with 4657 members (2,245M & 2,412F), at all levels of education ranging from primary to the tertiary level, including both the teacher training institutes. The main activities of the school clubs are awareness programme, cleaning campaign, helping senior citizens, visiting labor camps and patient guest house to donate clothes and rations.
The number of schools having Tarayana Clubs is decreasing mainly because the merging of this club with others having similar objectives, and in a few cases the club coordinators are transferred to another school and there is no one to take charge.

This year all the Central Schools were approached to have Tarayana Clubs and so far, two has agreed to establish the clubs and have registered with the Foundation. Minjiwoong School, Samdrupjongkhar and Nanglam Central School are the two central schools with Tarayana School Clubs.
Issues: Difficulties in monitoring and organizing programmes due to financial constraints