Project monitoring in Samtse District

Posted on: December 11th, 2014

Project-monitoring-in-SamtseA monitoring visit was also carried out for the projects in Samtse District from the 23rd-30th of Nov  2014. The team visited and met members of seventeen Self Help Groups (SHGs) formed under the ADB JFP funded project Advancing Economic Opportunities for Women and Girls. The team also discussed the issues and challenges faced by the groups. It was found that most of the groups have started production and are earning cash income. Most importantly, the members understood the importance of functioning as a group where they can exchange and transfer their skills and knowledge with each other. They also realized that working in a group actually sets a platform for more social interaction, collective bargaining, group saving and lending, finding joint solutions to the problems and eventually empowering of each member of the group. The SHGs were carrying out the following activities: Poultry farming, Bio-Gas with mushroom, vermi-compost and vegetable production as an income generating activities, weaving, Areca nut, cardamom, cane & bamboo and Vegetable production. The team also collected micro-credit loans from the Lhop communities and visited Day Care centres established in the district.