Programme Division

Scholarship and Learning Opportunities

Posted on: June 29th, 2016


  • Scholarship: Tarayana scholarship opportunities are primarily given to deserving students from rural communities to pursue their tertiary education. The Foundation partners with likeminded institutions in order to facilitate in providing scholarship for destitute students.
  • ECCD Center: With 25 centres established in six different districts enrolling over 500 children. The children are taken care of by their respective facilitators. 33 female facilitators have been employed to look after the young toddlers while the parents attend to their daily chores.
  • Internship Programme: The Foundation makes sure the youths are provided with the opportunity to professionally better understand and gain field experience through the Tarayana interns’ programme.
  • Tarayana School Club: Initiated in 2004 to instill the spirit of volunteerism among the Bhutanese youth, Tarayana now has 90 active Tarayana school clubs with over 4000 members across the country.
  • Youth Led Initiatives: With the aim to provide leadership opportunities to youth living in rural and urban Bhutan, Tarayana facilitates in supporting different youth initiatives funded by UNICEF. This year-long project aims at encouraging youth to take up innovative community based actions promoting civic engagement and enhancement of individual skills.