Improved Cooking stoves technology – a visit to Nepal

Posted on: July 6th, 2015

Cooking-StoveThe Sustainable Rural Biomass Energy (SRBE) Project of The Department of Renewable Energy organized a study visit to Nepal from 1st– 8th March 2015. SRBE Project contributes to the reduction of greenhouse emissions through sustainable production and utilization of biomass via promotion and dissemination of efficient cooking stoves in the rural areas of Bhutan and promotes biomass energy technologies in relevant industries. Dealing officers from the three local implementing partners were invited for the visit which was facilitated by the Centre for Rural Technology/Nepal (CRT/N). This Centre is a professional non-governmental organization engaged in developing and promoting appropriate rural technologies effective in meeting the basic needs and improving livelihood of rural people. The organization is actively engaged in upgrading traditional technologies while innovating diversified and versatile applications to meet rural needs.

The visit focused on Improved Cooking Stove (ICS) technologies that were currently implemented in Nepal. Mr. Karma Wangchuk, who is Tarayana’s implementing officer of this project, was present. They visited many interesting project sites including a cook stove testing facility, and had opportunity for sharing ideas and discussions on all aspects of improving biomass cook stoves. They also visited a briquetting factory that produced briquette made out of burnt biomass charcoal, mixed with soil known as “BIO-BRIQUETTE”. The factory was owned, operated and maintained by a self help group. The prototype cooking stoves can be introduced to and used by Small families, on a large scale to work on the bio-briquette project would be quite useful in Bhutan.