Exclusive Beat License Agreement Pdf

Posted on: April 9th, 2021

A free demo download is a marked version of an instrument that is only available to an artist for demonstration purposes. If you are planning to record a song on one of our instruments and make it available to the public online (even if it is reserved for unprofitable use or streaming on YouTube, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Soundclick, etc.), a license must be purchased. The free download can only be used to listen occasionally or record a personal demo song. If you have any doubts or questions about the use of a free instrument from our catalogue, please contact us. By purchasing a standard license, the buyer is automatically bound and accepted by the following terms of the license agreement. 3 The artist determines where the delivery components should be delivered. 3. Fees. The artist pays the producer a total of TRACK_PRICE_WORD, TRACK_PRICE (tax) for the granting of rights under this ACCORD. The producer expressly acknowledges and accepts that the payment of the fee for a NON-EXCLUSIVE licence for the use of the recording and music composition is made, as shown here. With the purchase of NON-EXCLUSIVE rights, the Sound Recording can be granted to other artists or labels. The artist has no other economic obligations to the producer with respect to registration, with the exception of the payment of publishing fees. It is essential that sound recording can continue to be permitted and that the artist is not required to pay the producer a share of digital/physical sales, streaming revenue or mechanical royalties for one of the rights the artist acquires from the producer for sound recording and musical composition.

2 artists want to buy, and Producer wants to sell a NON-EXCLUSIVE license to use sound recording and music composition, in accordance with the conditions set out in it. 2. Benefits for sound recording. The producer provides the artist with a mixed, machined and balanced version of the sound recording, which is technically satisfactory to the usual standards of the music industry and is ready for reproduction/manufacturing, coding, broadcasting, selling, licensing, streaming and any other use of recording recordings. The artist is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, authorizations or other documents that allow the artist to release the recording commercially, including, but not only, all permissions for secondary artists, musicians or other contributors and exceptions to the record label of the contributor or another company, if applicable (together the delivery elements). 5 (iii) use the master recording in PERFORMANCES_FOR_PROFIT for performances, performances or concerts and retain all revenues generated by this license; (iv) license the work in all media or areas of use, including, but not limited to, film, tv, radio, commercial advertising, video games, Internet, and retain fifty percent (50%) The income that comes from it (v) monetize audio streams AUDIO_STREAMS_WORD (AUDIO_STREAMS) on sites such as (Spotify, RDIO, Rhapsody, etc.); (vi) synchronization of music videos called “MONETIZED_MUSIC_VIDEOS_WORD” (`MONETIZED_MUSIC_VIDEOS`) (`6. Guarantees, representations and compensation. The producer guarantees and represents it: the producer is the author and exclusive and exclusive copyright holder of the work and has the right, power and power to enter into this ACCORD, without the need for third-party permission; No material, as defined below, or the use of them, violates the laws or violates a person`s rights.