Eco-Stoves for a Rural community

Posted on: July 1st, 2016

Project Objective

The introduction of efficient cooking stoves reduces smoke pollution and related health problems and leads to a reduction of fuel consumption and consequently leads to savings for the households and helps to conserve forest areas.

Additionally, a substantial reduction of Co2 emissions is achieved.

Therefore, the main objective of this Grant is to fund procurement, supply and distribution of certified clean and efficient cooking stoves to the poorer households in the district of Dagana, who make use of firewood for cooking/heating.


The introduction of this stove leads a great enduring impact on community in order to improve the living standard of the community, making conscious about the health and sanitation, making environmental friendly.

Project outcome

Eco- Stove installation came out with a socially acceptable and environmentally viable that can be replicated in other areas in Bhutan.

Implementation Progress

The target area/community for distribution of the stoves has already been identified. Project duration is 18 months from date of signature of this Agreement. Within this period households shall be supplied with stoves, while social activities such as awareness building and instructions on the correct use of the stoves as well as repair/replacement of stoves which is provisioned during project duration may continue thereafter.

When asked to do so, the Grantee will report on Project activities, describing and providing photographs of the actions taken, naming the people executing the activities, etc.

While data privacy of households is respected, the beneficiaries of the Project are documented and the villages and areas of distribution are indicated.

Where it is consent by the beneficiaries, photographic images shall document project implementation.