Early Childhood Care & Development (ECCD) Programme

Posted on: July 1st, 2016

Project Area

The Project is for Beneficiary of “Early Childhood Care Development (ECCD)” which will be distributed to a rural community in the Kengkhar area.

According to the national poverty analysis report, Mongar has the third highest number of subsistence poor in the country. Within Mongar, Khengkhar gewog is one of the most remote areas.

Due to their poor living standard of the khenkhar gewog, the strategy of caring child has been very weak. So in order to help this poor community Tarayana Foundation has set up several Childhood care (ECCD) at several District.

Project Objective

This Project has a several objectives, some of this are as follows: –

  • The first objective is to provide reliable child-care support and peace of mind to parents in rural communities. This contribution is especially valuable for women, who are as a consequence empowered to pursue income-generating activities, training opportunities, and outlets for more active engagement with local governance.
  • The second objective is to give young children the opportunity to reach their full potential in terms of cognitive and socio-emotional development by creating an accessible space where it is safe and fun to learn. Fostering positive experiences early on will ensure that these children will  be fully prepared to succeed in primary school, and greatly improves their likelihood of academic and social success in years to come.
  • The third objective is to make available opportunities for gainful employment and personal growth for young women in rural communities. Specialized training in early childcare and education gives such women expertise in a marketable field and improves their sense of self-worth.


The introduction of the Buzip leads a great enduring impact on some of the area such as

–  Early brain development.

–  The economic impact of ECCD interventions

– ECCD & school readiness

–  Impact on health & nutrition

–  Impact on Human Resource Development

Project outcome

Buzip introduction came out with a socially acceptable and community friendly that can be replicated in other areas of Bhutan.

Implementation Progress

The Grantee provides that no discrimination in regard of religion, origin, political affiliation or cultural background will be made when it comes to the education fulfilment. With this project the community member’s child are liable to acquire knowledge.