Creating Community Responsibility for Child Protection

Posted on: October 10th, 2017
Tarayana Foundation organized a awareness program on child protection and rights, to assist the parents and youth work leaders who work with young people in the community level. The awareness program was held on 17th September in the Sengdhen-Sunglung Chewog to a total number of 113 participants and on 18th September in the Singye Chewog to 139 participants. This is a project of #UNICEF ¬†on the children’s protection and right, bottom-up approaches to strengthening child protection systems: Placing children, families, and communities at the center.
“We are focused on strengthening the child protection mechanisms at a community level, raising awareness of the importance of child protection at a community level,so they better understand how to keep the children safe.”
Thinley Bidha, Field Officer (Samtse)