Training on Soil & Land Management from 8th-10th September in Tsirang

Posted on: September 15th, 2015

tsirangtoeOur Programme and Field Officers accompanied by community representatives attended the three days (8-10thSeptember) training on Soil & Land Management in Tsirangtoe, Tsirang. Mr. Chenga Tshering and Mr. Haka Drukpa of the National Soil Service Center were the resource person / trainers. The participants will further train their community members when they return back to their respective communities. This programme is part of the National Adaptation Plan of Action (NAPA II), for Climate Change Project. We thank the National Soil Service Center for their technical support.

Day 1: Attended by 60 community members from Tsirangtoe, 2 from Dorokha Dungkhag Samtse, 2 from Langthel Trongsa and 1 from Daga Wangduephodrang. 11 Tarayana staff members and 5 staff members from Tsirangtoe Gewog. The trainers did a PPT presentation on importance of SLM and its relation to water scarcity that remains prevalent in many of the villages.

Day 2: Practical training on making grass hedgerows. Location: Tongshingna Chewog, Tsirangtoe Gewog; Tsirang

Day 3: Practical training on construction of stone-check dam and log-check dam to reduce widening of gullies. Location: Kabelshing, Tsirangtoe Gewog, Tsirang.