Tarayana Centre for Social Research and Development

Knowledge for Holistic Development with Values

Action-oriented research and documentation of social, economic and cultural dynamics contributing to the maximization of happiness, wellbeing, harmony, ecological resilience and life improvement of vulnerable rural communities in Bhutan

The Research Arm of the Tarayana Foundation

The Tarayana Centre for Social Research and Development is the research arm of the Tarayana Foundation. Established in 2003, the Foundation is a public benefit organization registered with the Civil Society Organization Authority of Bhutan. It works to support, uplift and enhance the lives of vulnerable individuals and communities in Bhutan. Under the guidance and leadership of Her Majesty Queen Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, the Foundation works with rural communities in remote areas of Bhutan in the fight against multi-dimensions of poverty. It does so by complementing the efforts of the Royal Government of Bhutan in promoting prosperity and wellbeing, and is guided by seminal documents Bhutan 2020: A Vision for Peace, Prosperity and Happiness, and the Constitution of the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan.

This Centre is home to both pre-existing and ongoing research that documents social change pathways, including development outcomes and impacts brought about by the Foundation’s interventions. As an established CSO in Bhutan with a decade and a half of experience and sustained presence on the ground, the Foundation has nurtured trust, social capital and in generated research relevant data regarding the changing dynamics and challenges faced by the rural communities it supports and serves in remote areas of the country. It has also identified critical gaps in knowledge and action-oriented research that help to solve problems facing the most vulnerable communities. This provides guidance on evidence-based decision-making as communities manage their development and progress in an inclusive and holistic manner. Knowledge generated and lessons learnt through action-oriented research and rigorous analysis enables the Centre to co-exist as a think tank and hub for rural development and social studies, attracting both national and international collaboration opportunities.

Research Objectives, Areas of Work and Research Themes

Research Objectives
TCSRD will contribute to the Tarayana Foundation in realizing its vision of a happy and prosperous Bhutan by working towards three strategic research objectives.


Key Areas of Work
The objectives above are directly linked and translated into key five areas of work

Priority Research Themes
1. Theme 1 – Climate Change Adaptation and Ecological Resilience
2. Theme 2 – Enhancing Livelihoods
3. Theme 3 – Supporting Youth and Empowering Women