Economic Development Programme

Micro finance: Having worked with grassroots communities for the past thirteen years, Tarayana learned that in order for these remote and poor local communities to remain above the poverty line, access to credit was important particularly after their capacities were enhanced. Many members of our target communities have entrepreneurial...


Green Technologies

Green technologies Micro Hydro Rural Electrification : Dali village in Zhemgang remains off the national grid. The journey to the village is a six hour walk from the nearest road which is inaccessible during the monsoon season. Tarayana is piloting a micro hydro power project to create access to clean energy...


Micro Finance

Sometimes called “banking for the poor,” microfinance is an amazingly simple approach that has been proven to empower underprivileged people around the world to pull themselves out of poverty. Relying on their traditional skills and entrepreneurial instincts, economically disadvantaged individuals access targeted loans to start, sustain, or expand small-scale...


Scholarship & Learning Opportunities

Scholarship and Learning Opportunities Scholarship: Tarayana scholarship opportunities are primarily given to deserving students from rural communities to pursue their tertiary education. The Foundation partners with likeminded institutions in order to facilitate in providing scholarship for destitute students. ECCD Center: 31 centers have been established in eight different districts which...

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Vulnerability Reduction

Housing Improvement: Housing is a basic necessity and a fundamental human right of a person. The Foundation’s main entry point is focused on providing the communities with proper shelter. The beneficiaries contribute to the housing improvements in way of labor. Surgical Camps: Tarayana facilitates in organizing two surgical camps...