Pilgrimage to Bodhgaya “One day in a sacred site is worth a thousand days of meditation.”

Posted on: December 2nd, 2016

The Senior Citizen Pilgrimage Programme 2016 is now preparing for its tour to the land where the Buddha was awakened, Bodhgaya. Tarayana Foundation, with the assistance of generous donors have the chance to serve and assist older citizens from outside the small villages around Bhutan to enable their pilgrimage to Bodhgaya (Dorji Den). The pilgrimage has been scheduled from 3rd to 10th December 2016  and will include eight senior citizens from remote and rural communities of our country. This year, 4 senior citizens from Tsirang and 4 senior citizens from Pemagtashel respectively. These senior citizens will be flying to Bodhgaya from Paro, our program officer Mr. Jamyang and one of our field officer from Pemagatshel will be going with them to attend to their needs and to help them.

The respective senior citizenship expressed how grateful and thankful they are to have been given this opportunity to pay their homage to the Buddha in Bodhgaya. They are thankful to the Queen Mother, Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk and other generous donors to enable their pilgrimage to Bodhgaya.

Angay Khandu Wangmo, a senior citizen from Tsirang expressed that there are things that happen only once, and then again, never exactly the same way. There is no way to predict when magic will land where we are. We just have to put ourselves out there and keep our eyes open, and feel blessed when we receive gifts from kind spirits such as the founder of the Tarayana Foundation and other generous donors. These are experiences that no one else will ever witness other than here in Bhutan.


Tarayana Foundation wishes our eight senior citizens from Tsirang and Pemagatshel a sacred pilgrimage journey with a hallowed purpose.