Economic Development Programme

Micro finance: Having worked with grassroots communities for the past thirteen years, Tarayana learned that in order for these remote and poor local communities to remain above the poverty line, access to credit was important particularly after their capacities were enhanced. Many members of our target communities have entrepreneurial skills that can bring about employment and income opportunities for many in the village. With small funds through our micro-credit programme, they are able to purchase the tools needed to start or expand micro-businesses that range from weaving, growing and selling vegetables, to expanding fish ponds, household level poultry for eggs, backyard dairy, farms, food processing units, pack ponies, wood turning and wood carving enterprises. Tarayana started micro-credit services on a pilot phase in 2009 in our communities.

Market facilitation: The Foundation facilitates the sale of the crafts produced by our rural artisans through different means. Three Craft Outlets have been established at the Paro International Airport, Folk Heritage Museum & Tarayana Rural Crafts Outlet, Thimphu, to promote and sell the products. Besides these three outlets, Terma Linca Resort & Spa in Thimphu has offered a space free of charge for the past five years. Marketing and promotion of the products are also facilitated through the Tarayana Fair, Trade Fair, International Conference, Tshechus and many more events which allow our artisans to market-test their products and get first-hand feedback from the customers.