Success Stories

“Boys with dreams become men with vision.”

Posted on: January 13th, 2017

They say that every picture tells a story – but sometimes the picture can’t quite tell the whole story.

Meet Dorji who spends his winter vacation by helping his parents in constructing their house. He is based in Wangling village, Langhtil gewog in Trongsa, which is our REAP program implementing site. He is a science student of Sherabling Central School, Trongsa and he has just written his board examination.

Now why did we find this story worth sharing apart from bringing it to your notice that he is helping his parents in constructing the house? It’s because of what lies between them- a wooden wagon wheel that Dorji made himself to transport the stones much faster to the construction site. He does not want his old father to be troubled with having to carry them. He is apparently planning to make a bigger wooden wagon wheel, now that his experiment has yielded good results.