Success Stories


“Boys with dreams become men with vision.”

They say that every picture tells a story – but sometimes the picture can’t quite tell the whole story. Meet Dorji who spends his winter vacation by helping his parents in constructing their house. He is based in Wangling village, Langhtil gewog in Trongsa, which is our REAP program...

water Dr

The Water Doctor (Meet the man who keeps water flowing in Lotokuchu Singye Community)

When I met Lai Tshering Doya, he’s already in the middle of a repair. He arrived early. Without pausing, he angles his head back and reveals kind eyes from under the brim of his bucket hat. His face doesn’t change, and his hands keep moving. He just gives a...


Ap Zhangba, the grasshopper, learns a lesson

“When your neighbour’s child cries, it hurts your ears. But when your own child cries, it hurts your heart.” ~ Zhangba, 35-year-old villager from Rukha. When building their permanent houses, all villagers of Rukha counted on each other: One house after another was constructed and everyone was happy to...


Day care Programme contribute towards income generating activities

With her child attending the day care centre, Aum Chhimi says she gets all the free time to herself. She does not have to worry about her child anymore as she feels secured to have left her child in safe hands. Waking up early in the morning and getting...


Nettle weaving in the remote areas of central Bhutan

One of the twelve women whose life changed after the nettle project is a mother of four, Aum Tshendu. She says her life has improved and has become so much better due to the nettle project. She works full time with nettle, weaving away to provide and educate her...


Gravity Ropeway

A 980meters long gravity goods ropeway was successfully installed and commissioned in Norgaygang gewog, connecting Thrikha and Changju. This is a community owned and operated facility, the first of its kind in the country, and is currently operated by the Griling Tshokpa. With the commissioning of this goods ropeway,...