Self Help Group in Paro Tsento is receiving assistance from one of the groups  Tarayana established in Dagana to introduce solar dryer in their community. The group members were trained by Ap Changlu, one of the group members of the Solar Dryer Fabrication Unit, on the management and usage of the dryer. This green technology […]

Six of our Field officers (4 Female & 2 Male) are currently in Indore at Dr.Deepak Suchde’s farm attending a 15 day long training on Natueco Farming. This is the third batch of training for the Tarayana team at the farm. ”Natueco Science is all about harvesting the sunlight using farming as a medium to […]

A training on dry felting and candle making is currently underway for the Women Self Help Group in Nyamjey, Tsento, Paro Dzongkhag. This group was formed early this year by 20 women that includes women from Soe Yaksa. They are carrying out different income generating activities like candle making, dry felted toys and pottery. The […]

The Vegetable Self Help Group with the approval from the Dzongkhag has been utilizing government lands that remain fallow to cultivate vegetables. This SHG has been supplying fresh vegetables to Mekuri Primary School & earning cash income. The group also started a saving scheme like all the other SHGs, whereby the members contribute an agreed […]

The homecoming seminar and partners’ meeting round II of the FK (Fredscorpset) project “Promotion of green technologies to bring about rural prosperity” was held in Bangkok from the 6th till the 8th of May, 2015. Programme and Field Officers, Dhendup Tshering and Jigme Wangchuk, exchange participants to Practical Action, Bangladesh and PEEDA, Nepal respectively shared […]

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